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Sober October

Well, WIX tells me to write a catchy title. Hee hee. I figured I would get a lot

of interest if I mentioned sober October. To be honest, it's been a sober September, a sober October, and probably a sober rest of the year-er (that's not really a word, I know). You see, we just had the celebration of our lifetime, my hubby and I, that is. We planned the most gorgeous wedding (in my opinion). We all know how celebrations almost always include alcohol, to the point, everyone that attends can practically be pickled. Well, lets just say, we had our fun, and then upon arriving back home something happened. You see I am usually spot on when I have used the online alcohol calculators, for all of the events I have planned and cooked for, in the past. Somehow this time, we ended up with an obscene amount of booze to transport back home with us. I was perplexed.

Well, anyhoo, we got home, unpacked, and put all the booze in both fridges and any cabinets that had space. Bad idea. The alcohol was there, and I mean, everywhere. Every time I opened the fridge or a cabinet, I saw alcohol. It became an easy thing to have a glass of wine or a beer, just "because it's there." Well, that didn't last long! The hubby and I had it. We had the discussion. We packed it all up and put it all in the basement and haven't thought about it since. Out of sight, out of mind really works!

This whole incident struck such a curiosity in me. I am definitely the type of person who ALWAYS asks WHY. I need to know the answers, by finding scientifically based research, of why things work or happen the way they do. Why was it that we really don't drink that much at all, and just because it was easy and available, we partook? Upon my search, I discovered and joined a program that allowed me to answer the whys. Enter Annie Grace who wrote, "This Naked Mind," and who also offers a 30 day FREE alcohol experiment. The book and program are science based. The program is alluring and I found myself getting excited for the next days lesson. Check!

Folks! If you ever have the inkling to find out more about what alcohol is and what it actually does to your body, check this out. I am dead serious. Just don't hate me if you all of a sudden lose a taste for the stuff, all together, like I did. I am by no mea

ns at all affiliated with her or her resources. I just love to share when something has made my life better, with anyone, who may be listening. If you do get into either, let me know how it goes for you. Also, if you need ideas or helpful tips on how we have succeeded thus far, let me know.

Onto deliciousness...

Since the booze have been kicked to the curb, and I always tell my clients, "NEVER stop an unwanted habit, until you have a really great healthy alternative in place," we have been experimenting with a few new beverages. Our favorites thus far are:

-Frozen blueberries (a handful) with coconut water

-2 T tart cherry juice concentrate (I LOVE Dynamic Health) with sparkling water & mint

-Pomegranate juice mixed with sparkling water, equal parts

Sipping bone broth with fresh herbs

Oat milk Matcha lattes

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