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Product Spotlight: Chlorophyll

Yesterday a group of us set out to hike James Peak, which is the 5th highest summit in Colorado's Indian Peaks Wilderness. James Peak sits at 13,294 feet. The hike to the summit and back is approximately 7 miles round trip and ~2900 feet in elevation gain. We pushed through 30 mph winds, and winter conditions.

In times like this, I have little bursts of doubt, but I also have the burst of opportunity to have faith in myself. Every time I experience doubt or fear and do it

anyway, I am always empowered in the end. To stand on the summit, after enduring conditions like these, and many others, is one of the best feelings in the world to the world to me.

After the hike, we were at dinner and I was asked how I have the stamina and speed to keep going. I shared with the group that ever since I started getting more excited about pursuing mountaineering, I equally got more excited about learning how to accurately fuel my body, pre-and post-adventure. Then I shared with them the one supplement that helps me finish hiking these peaks and hiking them strong. It's Chlorophyll.

Before I go further, I will just explain quick that I am not an affiliate or trying to make money on advertising for this product at all. I share this because I've been asked so many times what "my secret" is, and maybe if I post it to the internet world, more people will experience what I have.

In my previous career, working at a pharmacy that merged over the counter and holistic remedies, I had the privilege of being the contact person who ordered from over 250 vendors, meanwhile being educated and given samples of their products. Most customers that I came into contact with would ask what my favorite supplements were, and because I love educating people on nutrition, I always answered, "along with eating nutritionally dense whole foods, and knowing the rights amounts to eat for your body type and lifestyle," I followed with, "Chlorophyll. I've just first hand experienced the benefits for years, and I have also seen it benefit others whom I shared it with."

To elaborate more, chlorophyll was the one product I could not keep on the shelf, along with respirator masks, when it seemed like the whole state of Colorado was on fire. The nearby fire was so bad that some days, I'd walk outside to see ash falling down like snowflakes. As you can imagine, with poor air quality, it was hard to breathe. This was when I was educated on all the benefits of chlorophyll. It helps to keeps the lungs air-way open. It also helps with people who are suffering from altitude sickness. It is an internal deodorant, and it helps aid in digestion. After knowing this, I immediately thought how it could benefit me, an aspiring athlete.

I was given a sample, and it will forever be my pre-adventure fuel. When I know the date of my next mountaineering adventure, I start drinking 1 tincture dropper-full of chlorophyll in my glass of water, sometimes up to 3 days in advance, but at the least, absolutely the night before. I have for the past years only tried one brand, because it works for me, and it's the Herbs Etc., ChloroOxygen, Chlorophyll Concentrate. (I do not like the mint flavored, only the plain).

So, as always, consult a medical professional before you decide to add something like this into your daily diet. I just wanted to share, in hopes that maybe it's this that will help you push past your normal limits, experiencing increased energy and ability to conquer something that you thought you couldn't do. Maybe it's something else.

It would make my day to hear what your "power source or supplement" is that gets you to achieve your endurance goals. I would also love to hear if you do try our chlorophyll and you are now running marathons (only kidding, but do believe it's possible).

*On a side note, I have to share a true story! Some friends and I were on a 4 day back-pack, in the Elk Range Mountains of Colorado. Once you start, you sort of have to commit. Atop of one of the steepest passes, we met a young guy from the Midwest who was hunched over and looked like he was quite possibly not going to make it. He said he had altitude sickness, and probably wasn't going any further. His group of friends looked pretty scared and unsure of what to do. I asked him if he was desperate enough to quite possibly have green teeth, but also pretty immediate energy and strength. Water (which helps dilute the green and won't show up on your teeth) was limited, so I dropped some chlorophyll straight in his mouth. In a few moments, right before our eyes, he was up, and putting on his backpack, ready to go. He asked if he could have a little more. I just gave him the tincture. AMAZING!


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