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About Nourish


I am very proud to have co-authored this ebook with Alison Egeland and Ashley Biscoe, the doctors who own and practice naturopathic medicine at the Attune Functional Medicine clinic in Colorado.


When Dr. Egeland and Dr. Biscoe asked me to develop a set of appetizing and delicious recipes for people who live with the dietary restrictions required by hidradenitis suppurativa, I was ecstatic.  One of the things I love most is pouring my heart and soul into creating amazing food for people, especially those who live with extreme dietary restrictions. 


I dove in immediately and started researching HS. I read many blogs of what seems like what most of you go through.  It broke my heart, and then I poured my heart into creating these recipes for you.  My hope is that you feel joy, nourishment and love when you prepare and eat the recipes in this book.

Many of the recipes were taste-tested on friends who don't live with any restrictions, and am pleased to report they liked the food as well.  If you are someone who chooses to follow an anti-inflammatory protocol (AIP) in your diet, this book will serve your needs as well.

If you would like a copy of the book,
click here to purchase it.


Jen Hagan, Food, Fitness and Life
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