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"Change is hard!    Let me give you
  the reassurance
 support you
  need to pursue
  a healthier life!"

Change is hard...

But there are some lifestyle changes you (or a loved one) need to make - eating healthier, perhaps a special diet, increasing your cardio activity, getting stronger - so you can enjoy life more. 

You've tried... 

But you're short on time and energy to get into new routines - finding foods that taste good and fit your diet needs, or activities that get you the exercise you need.
It's so much easier to fall back on old habits. 


What if you had a coach? 

A master of food and fitness to check in with, who can offer guidance and teach you what you need to know to help you succeed in establishing new routines? 


Fitness Assessment & Coaching


We can do a fitness assessment and work together to create your personal fitness plan. We can develop workouts to meet specific fitness goals, or simply define an exercise routine where you can increase your fitness by doing things you enjoy.  

Nutritional Guidance & Support


We’ll create a personalized nutrition plan, along with meal plans with taste-tested recipes that are designed specifically for your needs. If you need cooking instruction or meals prepared, we offer those services. You'll learn how to eat on your own terms while establishing healthy habits.  

Motivation & Accountability


Sometimes you know what to do, but you need the structure of having someone to work with you, or check in with on a regular basis to motivate you and keep you on track. Motivation and encouragement is one of my specialties.  

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